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About SCC Group

Our Group’s story begins in the 1970s, propelled by the entrepreneurial vision of our founder, Soon Tian Ong, who started trading a diverse range of products under the name “Swang Chai Chuan” in Kuantan. Swang Chai Chuan was officially established in 1982 as a sole proprietorship, laying the foundation for our foray into the distribution and sale of goods across Peninsular Malaysia.


A pivotal moment in our history came in March 1995 with the formation of SCCSB, our principal subsidiary. SCCSB was born from the ambition to take Swang Chai Chuan’s legacy to greater heights. Focusing on the distribution of F&B goods, SCCSB not only upheld the legacy but also significantly expanded it, establishing itself as one of the top F&B distributors in Malaysia.

Our success is rooted in a unique approach that blends hands-on best practices with profound market insights. This strategy has led to fruitful collaborations and partnerships, enabling us to understand and meet the needs of retailers and customers alike. Each partnership we forge goes beyond mere business transactions; they represent our deep commitment to working in unison with our partners, sharing in both challenges and successes.

Our Vision

Is to be recognized as the leading and trusted regional distributor, creating value for our business partners through progressive and agile market services. We are dedicated to professional customer management and achieving operational excellence. As we expand our footprint into regional markets, we remain committed to strengthening our local presence, growing alongside our long-term valued partners, and building trust with new associates. This vision propels us to continuously enhance our know-how, invest in efficient route-to-market services, and maintain the highest standards in customer management and operational excellence.

Our Mission

Is to be the catalyst that enriches consumers’ lives every day. In every facet of our business, whether as a Brand Owner, Retailer, or Last Mile Specialist, we aim to make a meaningful impact. This mission is the raison d’être for SCC, guiding us to make a positive difference in the lives we touch through our services and products.

Our Purpose

Is to achieve Purposeful Sustainability that meets and exceeds our stakeholders’ expectations. This drive is powered by our relentless pursuit of enabling technologies, innovations, and people capabilities that amplify our core values. We are dedicated to delivering on each stakeholder’s expectation, embodying Purposeful Sustainability as the driving force behind all our endeavors.

Core Values

Act with

We steadfastly uphold integrity in all aspects of our business, ensuring honesty and fairness in every action and decision.
on Innovation

Our commitment to innovation is unwavering. We continuously seek out and embrace creative solutions to stay ahead in a dynamic market.

We embrace inclusivity, respecting every individual and their opinions, to foster a safe and conducive workplace for all.

We believe in the power of unity. Our efforts are synchronized towards aligned goals, celebrating our collective achievements and the togetherness that makes us stronger.


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