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We are the LEADING Food and Beverage
distributor in Malaysia.
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We connect Brands and Consumers through our EXTENSIVE network of retail and brand partnerships.
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About SCC Group

SCC, a leader in Malaysia’s distribution sector, excels in delivering a wide array of products, ranging from food and beverages to personal care and
household essentials. Our extensive operations cover the distribution of over 200 international and domestic third-party brands, positioning us as a key
player in both the F&B and broader consumer goods markets. With a fleet of over 170 vehicles, including specialized refrigerated trucks, we ensure
efficient and quality distribution, reflecting our commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

In line with our vision, we are not just a distributor; we are a trusted partner for growth, offering progressive and agile market services to our business
partners. Our mission to enrich consumers’ lives is realized through our diverse product range, which includes dairy, frozen foods, snacks, sauces, oils,
condiments, beverages, as well as personal, baby, and pet care products. We also specialize in cleaning and kitchen essentials, showcasing our adaptability
and responsiveness to market needs.

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Our Businesses

Cold and Ambient Supply Chain

Our logistical network has seen significant expansion over the years, now boasting 13 strategically located warehouses across
the key sales regions of Malaysia. These regions encompass Peninsular Malaysia as well as East Malaysia (Borneo States). Each
of these warehouses serves as a crucial distribution center, playing a vital role in the efficient supply of products to customers
throughout these areas.

Our company’s infrastructure has continually evolved to better serve our market. Currently, we manage a mix of 8 self-owned
and 4 leased warehouses across Malaysia. This strategic placement of our warehouses optimizes our distribution efficiency and
contributes to a combined storage capacity of 30,900m³. This setup is a testament to our ongoing commitment to operational
excellence and our ability to adapt to the dynamic demands of the market.

Dynamic Logistics
and Diverse Brand Partnerships

Our logistics strength, with a fleet of over 170 vehicles including 100 refrigerated truck, is integral to serving a wide array of
prestigious brand partners across various sectors. This includes handling and delivering an extensive range of products from
Groceries & Snacks with partners like Mondelez and Mamee, to Frozen Food, Personal Care & Home Care items from SC
Johnson and Kimberly-Clark.

In the Beverage sector, we collaborate with brands like Yeo’s and Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, while in Nutrition & Organic, we
partner with Fonterra and Kraft Heinz. Our Frozen & Chilled category features brands such as Ramly and Ayamas, and for Ice-
Cream, we distribute Wall’s products, necessitating specialized cold chain logistics.

Our Food Services segment includes collaborations with entities like Fonterra and Unilever Food Solutions, and in Pet Care, we
work with brands such as Sayangku and Snowcat. Our operations extend to a multitude of sectors including premium
supermarkets like Village Grocer and Jaya Grocer, convenience chains like 99 SpeedMart, international and local chain
accounts, restaurants and cafes, as well as hotels and resorts.

This diverse portfolio, ranging from catering services to bakery ingredient stores and cake houses, underscores our capacity to
meet the unique logistical demands of each sector, showcasing our commitment to operational excellence and customer

Bridging Brands with the Malaysian Market

We plays a pivotal role in the entry and expansion of over 200 international and domestic third-party brands within the
Malaysian market. As a specialist in distributorship, we source and procure a vast array of F&B products, ranging from dairy and
frozen foods to packaged items, commodities, sauces, oils, condiments, and beverages, along with specialty products. Our
portfolio extends beyond F&B, encompassing personal and baby care, pet care, and cleaning and kitchen essentials,
demonstrating our versatility and commitment to quality in every aspect of our operations.

Our expertise lies in securing distributorship agreements and fostering long-term business relationships. This approach ensures
that the brands we represent gain substantial market presence and achieve sustained growth within the competitive Malaysian
marketplace. Our clientele is extensive and varied, encompassing hypermarkets, supermarkets, provision shops, convenience
stores, kiosks, F&B dealers, and merchandisers. Additionally, we serve the HORECA sector, including hotels, restaurants, cafes,
and school canteens, offering a comprehensive reach across different market segments.

By leveraging our deep market knowledge and robust distribution network, we provide these brands with the necessary
platform and support to successfully navigate the complexities of the Malaysian market. Our commitment to these partnerships
reflects our dedication to mutual growth and our role as a key facilitator in the dynamic F&B landscape.

Enriching Lives Every Day –
Our Mission in Action Through
Supply Chain Excellence

At the heart of our operations lies our mission: to be the catalyst that enriches consumers’ lives every day.
This mission infuses life into every aspect of our business, whether we’re acting as a Brand Owner, a Retailer, or a Last
Mile Specialist. We strive to create a meaningful impact through our supply chain management, ensuring that
every product we deliver and every service we provide adds value to the consumer experience.

Warehousing Standard

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Multi Storage
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Racking & Location with WMS

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Highly Awarded Powerhouse Distributor

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