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Key Events & Milestones



Swang Chai Chuan was established as a sole proprietorship in Kuantan, building on the Soon Family’s grocery business that originated in the 1970s. This marked our initial foray into the distribution and sales of groceries.


We expanded our operations by setting up a cold room in Kuantan, enhancing our capabilities in storing meat and seafood products.


The launch of our own logistics and transportation services marked a significant step in our growth, enabling greater control and efficiency in our operations.



A pivotal year as we became a distributor for a subsidiary of an internationally renowned dairy company listed on the New Zealand Exchange, Fonterra Brands Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. To focus on branded dairy products in Eastern Peninsular Malaysia.


SCCSB, our first operating subsidiary, was incorporated, taking over the business from Swang Chai Chuan and signifying a new era of expansion and professionalization.



Our reach extended to the central region, and we were appointed as the distributor for a globally recognized ice cream brand, Wall’s Malaysia to market and sell its products in Klang Valley, Western Peninsular Malaysia.


Marking a significant step in our infrastructure development, we established our first self- owned warehouse in Kuala Terengganu. This move was instrumental in improving our distribution efficiency.


A key year for brand development, as we acquired our first Own Brands. “CED” was introduced to offer specialty items, and “Mega,” later rebranded as “Mega Fresh,” provided a range of frozen foods such as French Fries and chicken nuggets. This expansion into brand ownership marked a new chapter in our business strategy.



The establishment of our headquarters with an integrated warehouse in Kuantan, further solidifying our presence and operational capacity in the region.


We extended our reach to Southern Peninsular Malaysia, setting up a self-owned warehouse in Johor Bahru. This expansion was a strategic move to enhance our service delivery in the southern region.


Our business expanded into Northern Peninsular Malaysia. This year was highlighted by our appointment as a local distributor for a snack and confectionery manufacturer, a subsidiary of a multinational corporation based in the United States. This partnership allowed us to distribute a portfolio of globally recognized brands, including chocolates, cookies, biscuits, gum, and powdered beverages.


We acquired “Sayangku” and established “Snowcat” as our own pet care brands, diversifying into the pet care market and enhancing our product portfolio.


A notable year for brand expansion, as we established our own brand “Mega Food” to introduce a range of dairy products. Additionally, we were appointed as a distributor for a company specializing in food spreads, a subsidiary of a globally renowned plant-based spread producer based in the Netherlands. This move further diversified our product offerings and strengthened our position in the market.



Responding to the challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we expanded our distribution network. This included leasing two additional warehouses in Kuantan and Perai, enhancing our capacity to meet the surging demand for F&B products. Furthermore, we were appointed as a distributor for a multinational manufacturer of household insecticides, originating from Japan. This expansion into new product categories demonstrated our adaptability and commitment to growth during a globally challenging period.


This year was pivotal for the Group, marking the beginning of a period of accelerated growth. We successfully navigated through a challenging global economic landscape, resulting in a significant revenue boost from RM564.6 million to RM668.7 million, a testament to our robust business model and strategic initiatives with an impressive Revenue Growth Rate of 18.00%. The profit for the year reached RM23.6 million, showcasing our resilience and operational efficiency.


This year represented a transformative period for the Group, highlighted by our successful listing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 19 August 2022. This milestone not only celebrated our years of dedicated efforts but also marked the start of a new chapter on an international financial platform. Revenue growth was further propelled by securing new distribution rights and expanding into new market segments in Peninsula Malaysia, culminating in a substantial revenue increase to RM835.9 million, a remarkable Revenue Growth Rate of 25.00% from the previous year. The year concluded with a significant profit of RM26.8 million, an upward trajectory from the previous year and part of a consistent pattern of growth, as evidenced by our Net Profit increase of 13.56% since 2021. These figures reflect our strong and consistent financial performance, underscoring our resilience and strategic acumen in an evolving market.


Continuing our growth momentum, the company recorded an impressive revenue of RM931.9 million and a profit after tax of RM27.1 million for the financial year ended 31 December 2023. This performance, showing a substantial increase from the revenue of RM835.9 million and a PAT of RM26.8 million in the corresponding period last year, highlights our effectiveness in fostering third-party brand partnerships and driving business success in a dynamic market.

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