National Distribution

We are the brand owner and manufacturer of several organic food, nutritious food and frozen food brands. This gives us the strength to distribute our FMCG products in total Malaysia either via our direct sales force or local distributors. Leveraging our network, we are able to work with several multinational brands as a national distributor especially in the food and beverage segment.

We are capable of undertaking full service business development which includes selling, merchandising, entire supply chain management, marketing, brand building as well as trade activations. If you are an up and coming FMCG brand, a foreign FMCG brand, or even an existing FMCG brand who is looking for market expansion in Malaysia, speak to us!

SCC have a total of 7 cold chain warehouses across Peninsular Malaysia, all with international standard compliance and audited regularly.
We provide supply chain services from forecast, import, port clearance, warehousing, logistic to product development and marketing to various brands.
With 7 cold chain warehouses and 9 ambient warehouses around Malaysia, we are able to cover every part of the country.
We are the appointed distributor for various global and brands which gives us the experience and expertise to handle all types of FMCG distribution.
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