Supply Chain And Marketing

With a fleet size of over 100 trucks of different capacities and distribution centres in 8 different cities, we are able to reach every corner of Peninsular Malaysia. We come from a background of managing complicated FMCG operations for 45 years and that makes us an ideal partner to develop solutions for supply chain management, be it warehousing, logistics or both.

If you are a FMCG manufacturer of good quality products and it’s relevant to the categories that we are involved in, there is potential that we can work together as OEM (original equipment manufacturers) partners. We are capable of building marketing plans for new brands or existing brands with good potential.

SCC have a total of six cold chain and amongst the finest as international standard.
With more than 15,000 distribution point in Malaysia. This allow to open up undefined potential market easily.
With a strong reputation and distribution points. We are representatives of many other imported brands.
With a strong distribution channel, we are able to cover every state in Malaysia.
As one of the market leader in FMCG, we are undoubtedly to say we only provide the best service to our customers.