FMCG Distributor

We started our business in 1974. Throughout these years, we have encountered numerous obstacles which allow us to grow and develop to where we are today. Today we are one of the largest FMCG distributor in Malaysia. We provide sales, distribution and business development services to more than 20 major brand owners in the industry and have a distribution network in 8 market centres across West Malaysia. We manage over 600 employees with various functions. These team members are the one who run our infrastructure covering 250,000 square feet of refrigerated warehouse and environmental warehouse operations, and more than 110 fleet-sized delivery vehicles. In fact, we cover over 10,000 direct outlets and generating an annual sales volume of RM500 million. We still remain as a family owned business but we are one of the largest local corporations in the FMCG industry.

SCC have a total of six cold chain and amongst the finest as international standard.
With more than 15,000 distribution point in Malaysia. This allow to open up undefined potential market easily.
With a strong reputation and distribution points. We are representatives of many other imported brands.
With our strong management, distribution, warehousing and logistics team, we are able to unlock the potential of new and existing brands.
With a strong distribution channel, we are able to cover every state in Malaysia.