Cold Chain

SCC is one of the most established cold chain distribution companies in Malaysia. We distribute a wide variety of frozen products such as ice cream, frozen raw meat, frozen seafood, frozen processed meat, frozen processed vegetable products, chilled dairies and many others. We provide services to some of the biggest brand owners in Malaysia and we develop our own products as well. We manage a total of 6 cold room warehouses in various states which is highly compliant to international standard of good cold chain practices. More than 50% of our fleet are frozen vehicles.

Our experience, infrastructure and expertise make us an ideal partner for FMCG cold chain distribution.

With more than 15,000 distribution point in Malaysia. This allow to open up undefined potential market easily.
With a strong reputation and distribution points. We are representatives of many other imported brands.
With our strong management, distribution, warehousing and logistics team, we are able to unlock the potential of new and existing brands.
With a strong distribution channel, we are able to cover every state in Malaysia.
As one of the market leader in FMCG, we are undoubtedly to say we only provide the best service to our customers.