Snowcat is a new cat food brand established by SCC Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, one of the top FMCG distributor in Malaysia for more than 40 years history. With our passion and knowledge in supplying high quality to the people of Malaysia, we have expanded our business into pet food industry. We leverage on our strength in sourcing, manufacturing and distribution to bring premium quality pet food and market it at standard prices.

Snowcat is the best cat food of all mainstream cat food products. Snowcat is made with fresh and high quality ingredients, packed with complete and balance nutrition with no artificial colors. The reason we launched Snowcat is to capture the potential of customers who purchase mainstream cat food products. We are committed to being the largest pet food distributor and supplier in Malaysia. Thus, our mission is to capture all types of customers in the pet food industry.

Snowcat cat food is absolutely suitable for all level of society and due to the low pricing, it is perfect choice for NGO Company.

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