Sayangku Premium Cat Food

Sayangku is a new cat food product that is classified as premium cat food. Established by SCC Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, one of the top FMCG distributor in Malaysia for over 40 years. With our passion and knowledge in supplying high quality to the people of Malaysia, we have expanded our business into pet food industry. We leverage on our strength in sourcing, manufacturing and distribution to bring premium quality pet food and market it at standard prices.

Sayangku is a Malaysian word we use to call our beloved ones. For pet owners, Sayangku represents your love towards your cats which from a part of your family. Our passion is to provide premium grade meals to your beloved pets every single day.

We are confident because Sayangku contains 30% protein content, fully balanced nutrition and high levels of Omega 3 and 6, to help the cat’s healthy skin and shiny coat. Most importantly, Sayangku upholds the principle to produce only 100% natural colored cat food. Made from fresh, high quality raw materials, and produced by top three major pet food factories in Southeast Asia.

With high quality products and our strong distribution points. Our mission is to be the largest pet distributor and supplier in Malaysia. Sayangku has divided into three flavor, Ocean fish, Tuna and Chicken Tuna. In fact, we have different sizes of packaging for all three different flavors such as 500g, 1kg and 7kg. However, only Ocean fish are packed in 7 kilograms. In fact, we are constantly investing in developing new cat food to find the best taste for all types of cats.

Our aim is to deliver our Sayangku to all type of cats in Malaysia. More than 90 percent of cats enjoy our cat food especially Ocean Fish and Chicken Tuna Flavors. In additional, we are selling at an affordable price to maximize our customer satisfaction by reducing our manufacture cost at the same time uphold the quality of our product. Besides, we hope that with this public affordable prices, people who purchase our product not only to feed their own cats but to feed stray cats as well.

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