Imported Brands



Most drinks on the market are quick, factory mixes that takes less than one hour to make. Bundaberg carefully craft-brews our drinks for as long as it takes to achieve exceptional taste. Nothing can be compared to the natural taste that comes from real fruit juices, herbs and spices. All Bundaberg beverages are non-alcoholic.

The fertile sub-tropical soils of Queensland on Australia’s east coasts are perfect for growing ginger and sugarcane. Most of our ingredients are sourced from Australia, some are even grown by Bundaberg. We believe there’s a simple art to taste-testing a natural product like ours which is to get real people to do it. Bundaberg is passionate about preserving the integrity of our brewed drinks, so we always bottle in glass.

We in SCC works with Bundaberg Australia to bring this great product to Malaysian market so that everyone in Malaysia can enjoy a genuinely good bottle of brewed beverage. Brewed to be better

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