CED Organic & Natural Food

With 15 years of market experience, CED an “organic brand in Malaysia” continues to provide new and innovative products to Malaysian consumers with the aim to be on the top organic food supplier in Malaysia. We spend our effort in sourcing to the best natural and organic products all over the world to be marketed in Malaysia. With our consumer’s health in mind, we use only the best products. We ensures high level of quality assurance from the source country all the way to our production facilities in Malaysia.

CED natural and organic products are being distributed to various hypermarket, supermarket, sundry provision, mini market, organic shops and other specialty shops. Over the years we have gathered a number of loyal customers, and they are bound to us for the consistency and quality of our products. This has become our hallmark and principles of marketing, to sincerely deliver genuine products.

Natural and organic food category continues to grow in Malaysia as more and more people are being health conscious. With such market opportunity, CED is embarking into a period of aggressive growth of volume and range. While many believes that natural and organic food are expensive, we try to keep our price as affordable as possible.

If you are a keen consumer, look for CED brand in stores all over Malaysia. If you are a grower or supplier of high quality natural and organic products, we are keen to speak to you!

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