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SELVA - Poster A3

Pasta is an important food for heavy workers. If you are working with physically or mentally, doing sports and get exhausted; you should eat pasta at least 3 times a week and that makes you renewed. Eating pasta 3 times a week makes you smile more and always feel like a child! Pasta is produced with only durum wheat semolina and water. It does not have any additives. It gets its nutrition from durum wheat. If you would like to eat nutritive foods, you should eat pasta at least 3 times a week!. Don’t eat pasta with oily, sweet and high caloried saucues. Who can reject the a plate of pasta with a light sauce! You can eat pasta with light vegetable food and so it avoids you to eat bread with your meal, the universality of its flavor is real!

You cook Selva and eat it with pleasure and enjoy. But some of your pasta remains. Don’t worry! You can keep your cooked pasta in closed container in refrigerator and even after two days you can reheat and eat it with the same taste, color and shape just like the first time! It doesn’t matter for Selva if it is the winter or summer! Selva production facilities have the thermos building system that control heat and moisture balanced in all seasons. We treat our products just like the babies in couveuse. As a result, you can eat Selva with the same taste in all seasons!