From a humble beginning almost 45 years ago, we started our business as a small sundry goods trader in Kuantan. Along the way we have grown our business from local brands’ distributor to global brands’ distributors. We have even acquired, founded and developed several house brands to become household names in today’s market.

SCC is one of the most established cold chain distribution companies in Malaysia. We distribute a wide variety of frozen products such as ice cream, frozen raw meat, frozen seafood, frozen processed meat, frozen processed vegetable products, chilled dairies and many others. We provide services to some of the biggest brand owners in Malaysia and we develop our own products as well. We manage a total of 6 cold room warehouses in various states which is highly compliant to international standard of good cold chain practices. More than 50% of our fleet are frozen vehicles.

Our experience, infrastructure and expertise make us an ideal partner for FMCG cold chain distribution.

With almost 45 years’ experience of FMCG distribution, we are one of the most established distributors in North and East Coast of Malaysia working with numerous MNC business partners. As we embarked on an expansion journey in the past 5 years, we have established our distribution base in other parts of Malaysia as well, which gives us the capabilities to undertake exciting projects in any region in Peninsular Malaysia.

We reach to a variety of retail channels such as hypermarket, supermarket, sundry provision, Chinese medical hall, petrol kiosk and other F&B outlets. We keep our working partnership agile and flexible so that we are able to cater to different requirements from different brand owners.

We are the brand owner and manufacturer of several organic food, nutritious food and frozen food brands. This gives us the strength to distribute our FMCG products in total Malaysia either via our direct sales force or local distributors. Leveraging our network, we are able to work with several multinational brands as a national distributor especially in the food and beverage segment.

We are capable of undertaking full service business development which includes selling, merchandising, entire supply chain management, marketing, brand building as well as trade activations. If you are an up and coming FMCG brand, a foreign FMCG brand, or even an existing FMCG brand who is looking for market expansion in Malaysia, speak to us!

With a fleet size of over 100 trucks of different capacities and distribution centres in 8 different cities, we are able to reach every corner of Peninsular Malaysia. We come from a background of managing complicated FMCG operations for 45 years and that makes us an ideal partner to develop solutions for supply chain management, be it warehousing, logistics or both.

If you are a FMCG manufacturer of good quality products and it’s relevant to the categories that we are involved in, there is potential that we can work together as OEM (original equipment manufacturers) partners. We are capable of building marketing plans for new brands or existing brands with good potential.

Our Products

SCC is one of the largest market leaders in natural and organic food suppliers in Malaysia. We develop the brand CED which is household brand and also one of the most well distributed organic and natural food brand. With our cold chain infrastructure, our team also excels in distribution of chilled and frozen food products with Mega Fresh and Mega Food being the anchor brands. Our brands are the market leading brands in several states in Malaysia. We also specialize in premium imported products which provides fine food solutions retail and food services.

Imported Brand

SCC group provides national distribution services to some of the top imported brands in Malaysia. We source various food products from all over the globe to Malaysian market by distributing them to retail and food service market. We specialize in premium food products to cater to the fast-developing upscale market here.
Cerebos Cerebos Selva Selva Mega Food Australian Cheese Mega Food Australian Cheese Bundaberg Malaysia Bundaberg

Organic and Natural Product

SCC is one of the pioneers in organic and natural food in Malaysia. In the past 15 years we strive to build a world class organic and natural food suppliers and now CED brand are one of the top distributed organic and natural food brands in Malaysia.

Frozen and Chilled

SCC has developed its own home brands MEGA Food and MEGA Fresh, which will make us to be the top distributor and supplier in Malaysia as we are selling the most popular frozen processed foods in Malaysia. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with high quality products, on time delivery and price advantages.
CED Organic And Natural Food
Pure Honey Lonagn Honey Peanut Butter
Organic Sugar & Molasses Organic Oats Organic Beans & Grains
Organic Soybean Milk Himalayan Salt Psyllium Husk
Mega Fresh Frozen Food
French Fries & Potato Wedges Mix Vegetables & Whole Corn Kernels Seafood Ball & Fingers
Chicken Nugget Chicken Frankfurters Burger Ayam & Daging Goreng

Pet Food

SCC is a professional pet food products developer. We source our raw materials from the top factories in South East Asia and market them locally. To achieve the mission of becoming top pet food distributer and pet food supplier, we supply pet food to all retail channels which includes supermarket, general trade and pet shops. Our brands are developed with the well-being of pets in mind, creating affordable yet premium quality products with natural ingredients.

Sayangku Premium Cat Food

Snowcat Best Cat Food

We have seen the growth of the emerging food service industry in Malaysia. In the past 10 years, our mission is becoming one of the top food service organizations in Malaysia. Our goal is more than just a description. With 15,000 direct distribution points and more than 100 trucks of different capacity and distribution centers in 8 different cities, we are able to cover the whole of Malaysia. With 45 years of experience in the FMCG industry, strong internal management and distribution points make us an outstanding FMCG company. It is an ideal partner for developing supply chain management solutions, whether it is warehousing, logistics or both.

To leverage our own strength as a distribution powerhouse, we also manufacture some of our own products. Our production facilities are built around state-of-the-art frozen infrastructure with highest compliance on temperature, hygiene, safety and operation processes.

Our clients consist of companies from all over the world. Some of them well established in Malaysian market while others developing to make impact in the local market. Our services cater to various requirements and we an ideal partner to work with. We are highly collaborative and passionate in developing businesses.

We cover all major supermarkets (international and local chains) with various products. We are expert in managing different customer of different needs. We have products suitable for all channels and retailers.